Azrael by Matthew Huntley

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Azrael by Matthew Huntley
Genre – Murder Mystery/Thriller/Detective
A serial killer in upper New York State, has been locked away for a decade. Years after his terrorizing spree details of new murders lead a young detective (Parker Williams) to seek out the retired lead officer (Levi Andrews) from the original case to see if Azrael has come back. Did they get the wrong person the first time. Andrews, now a drunk, lost so much bringing Azrael to justice, can he bring himself back to help end this new terror? But these murders do not add up to the Original, is it a copycat? Has Azrael returned?


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First Time Author Matthew Huntley, father of three, used writing as an outlet from his job as a Federal Correctional Officer in Canada.  Between teaching his three boys right from wrong, Matthew tends to enjoy the outdoors and experiencing everything the beautiful country of Canada has to offer.




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