Lake of Flowers (The Lord Hani Mysteries, book 5) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Jana Lewis

I expected to find a well-written mystery and I was not disappointed! As with the previous book I read by N. L. Holmes, I enjoyed this mystery set in ancient Egypt, a period I have found interesting but don’t know a lot about it. This story includes family, love, murder, tests of loyalty, danger, hierarchical society, and even rumors of royal scandals. I enjoyed the setting and food descriptions and loved exploring a time period so different from our own. I have not read the previous books in the series (and don’t feel that it hindered me at all) but may find time to go back and check them out, as well! I had suspicions of who was doing what and was surprised to find that I had them all wrong! Next time, I’ll pay more attention and see if I can solve it before the end.

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