Remember His Name (Remember My Name Series Book 2) by Laurencia Hoffman – Review by Kayla Bullock

Remember His Name (Remember My Name, #2)Remember His Name by Laurencia Hoffman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 2 in the Remember My Name Series introduces us to Wren and his husband, Henry. Wren, sensing that something is about to go terribly wrong, warns Henry. But when Henry doesn’t listen, he is murdered—and Wren is the prime suspect. Now, being hounded relentlessly by the press, the cops, and everyone around him, Wren is desperate to find the killer. Because now his visions are showing him his own death!

Book 2 is such a great story. I really enjoyed this novel and felt that the characters were more developed and the story had more flow than book 1. The cliffhanger in Remember My Name is wrapped up neatly in Book 2. Laurencia Hoffman knows how to keep the reader intrigued and rooting for the protagonist throughout the story. I will be looking forward to reading more of her stories in the future!

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