Revenge (Least Likely Suspect Book 1) by Cooper McKenzie – Review by Amanda Lundin

Least Likely Suspect: RevengeLeast Likely Suspect: Revenge by Cooper McKenzie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so fun to read. Initially I found it hard to connect and be interested as the main character is a grief stricken widow in her 50s that likes to knit and sing in the church choir;. I’m happy to report I was wrong.

Mama Sam is a badass. Samantha is my new goal; not my “I want to be her in 20 years goal”, she’s my I want to be like her now goal. Sam is strong mentally, physically, and morally. She analyzes each situation and person to make the best judgement for justice as possible; but she’s real about the outcome. The author, Cooper McKenzie, didn’t just throw her into scenes to do the badass things and call it good, she made her FEEL them. She values life and suffers from the just consequences that are dealt, and I think that is a real game changer in a book, for a character to actually have emotions and succumb to them, then of course continue to be a badass.

The other characters in the book were also great and quirky; I’m interested to read on and see what other adventures await Sam and the team.

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