Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read (Naughty Neighbors #1) by Ashley Bostock-Review by Amanda Kimble

Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read (Naughty Neighbor Book 1)Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read by Ashley Bostock
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5/5 Stars

Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read (Naughty Neighbor Book 1) by Ashley Bostock

This is the first book I’ve read by Bostock. It certainly won’t be my last. Sex on Fire is the first book in the Naughty Neighbors Series. This is a very short sexy story.

Turner moved into the neighborhood and has his eyes set on his next door neighbor. Befriending her was step one and now he’s got to convince her that he likes her. Hell he’s falling for her. The quote I chose for Turner is: “Stop trying to talk me out of being into you. Do you have even a little bit of attraction to me? You’re, like, the only woman on the block who’s attention I can’t seem to get.”

Poppy is a video game designer and player. She loves her job and is nuts over her neighbor. Often fantasizing about him being with her sexually. So when he shows up saying he can’t lift his shoulder she helps out. The quote I chose for Poppy is: “I think I still have some of your clothes. Well, you can’t have these back. But I think I have some of your shorts, too, from the other day.”

Highly recommended for Contemporary Romance lovers.

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