Sex on Fire (Naughty Neighbor Book 1) by Ashley Bostock – Review by Alexandria Richard

Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read (Naughty Neighbor Book 1)Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read by Ashley Bostock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story was a cute, very quick read. While there’s sex it’s not super explicit in its detail, which I liked in this case. I do wish the story was a little bit longer in order to flesh out some of the storyline, as I felt there was an abruptly ended chapter and there were some quick scene change.

I enjoyed the banter and push and pull between Poppy and Turner. I really liked that we get to read about a FMC who is nerdy, quirky, and a bit shy around strangers; you don’t get that often in an adult FMC.

Sex on fire is about two neighbors, Poppy and Turner, who desire the other but are hesitant to act on it, until one of them isn’t.

After finally succumbing to the mutual desire between them Turner knows that “neighbors with benefits” simply won’t be enough. Can he win the awkward, nerdy girl who’s running around in his head, or will her social awkwardness burn them before they really begin?

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