Sex on Fire (Naughty Neighbor Book 1) by Ashley Bostock – Review by Mrs R

Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read (Naughty Neighbor Book 1)Sex on Fire: A Quickie Read by Ashley Bostock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a quick read, but even though it isn’t long you still get to know the characters fairly well, and are pulled into their potential relationship.
Turner and Poppy are neighbours, and she is the only female that hasn’t thrown herself at him, instead they become good friends. Turner has finally had enough and wants to entice Poppy out of her introvert world and invites her to a bbq, only it doesn’t quite go to plan and he risks losing her completely.
I loved how Turner knew how to encourage Poppy and how thoughtful he was with her. She doesn’t believe that someone like Turner could possibly want her, but he is so sweet and patient.

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