The Girl and the Raven (The Girl and the Raven series) by Pauline Gruber – Review by Ashley Dover

The Girl and the Raven (The Girl and the Raven #1)The Girl and the Raven by Pauline Gruber
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Girl and the Raven is a delightful tale of a girl that wants a less complicated life. Her personal struggles with herself and the life she left in Tennessee are described so accurately that you can feel her ups and downs as she meets new people in Chicago. Pauline Gerber created a plot that ignites a reader’s imagination with all the nuances of Lucy’s life in Chicago. What a great storyline to build a series off of!

Lucy is hopeless when her mother, an alcoholic and a drug addict, is dropped off in front of their trailer in Tennessee dead. Lucky for her, she has two loving uncles that live in Chicago. She craves a life where things are normal.

On arriving in Chicago, she runs into a man who sends electric shocks into her fingers. Not exactly what she was hoping for. At her uncles’ three flat, her upstairs neighbor is a teenage hunk! Marcus, the hunk, becomes her protector; only Lucy doesn’t know why she’s being protected.

Circumstances change quickly. Lucy learns about a world of witches, demons, and half-demons. Things that she has never heard of in her life. A lot of decisions must be made quickly. Will Lucy choose the path to her destiny? Will her decisions keep those she loves safe?

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