Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven Series Book 3) by AJ Renee – Review by Rebecca Hill

Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven, #3)Cursed Whispers by A.J. Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cursed Whispers by AJ Renee is the third book in the Broderick Coven series. This series is centered around the Broderick family. The siblings have discovered that they come from a family of witches and that they all have powers. Each book centers around a sibling as that sibling learns more about their powers. This book is about Max Broderick. He has the gift of hearing animals’ thoughts and talking to them in their head. This comes in handy when he meets an injured werewolf. I have really enjoyed this series and enjoyed this book as well. But an important note – there is a trigger warning for anyone affected by rape or sex trafficking. This book was also pretty graphic in the sex scenes. I still enjoyed watching Claudia overcome all that she had been through as well as meeting her adorable daughter Katia. Fantastic series with relatable characters!

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