Her Dark Love (Dark Spell Series Book 4) by Isra Sravenheart – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Her Dark Love (Dark Spell #4)Her Dark Love by Isra Sravenheart
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Isra is a young witch with big plans, she is seventeen and wants to enrol in the Wingdom’s Academy of Ancient Magics to learn more magic, however, when she arrives the building is unassuming, apart from the very realistic gargoyles and the classes are boring, but she takes solace in the nature surrounding it. It is during one of these times that she meets a fellow witch with whom she thinks she will get on with, Everilda, another young witch but she seems to be more interested in romance and boys than she is in the craft, but they hit it off despite this.

On another day, Isra is waiting for Everilda in a meadow so that they can spend some time together, but instead of Everilda turning up, it is a mysterious young man, he isn’t showing any signs of magic, but he is attractive and captivating and because she is quite naïve and inexperienced, the fact that he is paying attention to her is a bit of a novelty. She keeps distant yet polite with him and he introduces himself as Jonathan, but is also wary because of the rules of the college, however, she contemplates spending more time with him and she cannot wait to tell Everilda all about it when she gets back to the Academy. This is where Everilda starts to drift away from Isra because it turns out that she also has intentions towards this man, but Isra has come to the attention of a light bringer named Samuel who sends his right hand raven Astrid to observe and report on her actions after hearing of her future.

As time passes and Isra’s relationships with Everilda and James develop, they become more complicated and when Isra finds out that she is involved in a love triangle, she is devastated and cannot believe it, but will she be able to forgive and forget and will Astrid and the light bringers be able to keep her on the path of light, or will the darkness prevail? This is a fantastic story with twists, turns and magic galore which will draw you in to a magical world, while explaining beginnings and the consequences of interfering with the emotions and lives of others until you reach its conclusion.

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