Sweet Nightmares (The Dream World Chronicles Book 1) by Chynna Pace – Review by Melody (Karen) Marsh

Sweet Nightmares (The Dream World Chronicles #1)Sweet Nightmares by Chynna Pace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a great young adult novel! It has been a little while since I picked up a young adult novel because I wasn’t sure it could capture my attention as well. Sweet Nightmares by Chynna Pace had no problem pulling me in! I finished this book in under a day!!

Following the emotional trail that Alex leaves dealing with her mom’s death and having a rude Grandma and trying to care for her sister and learning truly shocking pieces of herself and her heritage, it leaves you a little raw after reading. Chynna Pace spares no word while feeding you emotions to match Alex’s and sometimes Zoey’s. Their story is just starting and by the end of the book, they know it too. This is such a great setup to book 2, but if you don’t plan on reading book 2, you will after the ending!

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