Sweet Nightmares (The Dream World Chronicles Book 1) by Chynna Pace

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Sweet Nightmares (The Dream World Chronicles Book 1) by Chynna Pace
Genre – Paranormal Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Page Count – 346 pages
The one thing fifteen-year-old Alex Rokosz has endlessly craved is a family. So when her mother’s death forces her and her sister to move in with Matilda, the grandmother they never knew they had, Alex hopes to bond with her and find out what happened to her missing father. Instead she encounters numerous oddities at her new house, including Kacper, her grandmother’s suspicious seventeen-year-old housemate. But things get even stranger when Alex catches Matilda and Kacper slaying a real-life nightmare. Overnight, she is swept into a world where sleeping is dangerous, nightmares are real, and imagination is magic. She discovers there’s more to her family than she realized – and her own destiny is far greater than she ever imagined.


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Chynna Pace is an author of YA and middle-grade fantasy, paranormal, and suspense stories. She loves writing tales about young heroes who are thrust into worlds full of magic, monsters and mystery, often forced to face their greatest fears and confront their deepest secrets. Her debut novel, Sweet Nightmares, is the first in a whimsically dark series about dreams, nightmares, and the warriors who fight them. When she’s not busy planning her next story adventure, Chynna can be found reading, painting, crocheting, and spending time with her family in the magical North Georgia mountains.

Author Interview With Chynna Pace




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