TAINTED by Marsha R. West – Review by Lorrene Huisman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a book so easy to get hooked into, as well as really foot for our heroine, she was defiantly someone strong willed and was a character we all wanted things to turn out ok for in the end. This novel had it all, suspense, characters you hated very on, and ones that you wanted to pull through in the end. I loved the relationship with Lauren and Liz. They reminded me very much of me and my mom.

The suspense was so good in this book. Liz and Lauren are heading to a certain meet point. The reason why? The gap of the past few years are filled in with a very descriptive way of writing as well as to where we are now with a visit from the FBI. These two ladies go through a lot. And I mean a lot. They go through shady characters, an old love even, and dangerous times. The author did an amazing job at keeping the reader on their seat. It was like a good action book that never stopped. You had to always be ready to keep going. I really enjoyed it. And when everything else settles down, you can breathe yourself as the reader and really smile that your two main characters stuck together and made it! It was a fun read and the suspense really made good twists and turns and I literally needed some popcorn while reading!

The writing description of events and characters by this author was well done! I really enjoyed reading this and going on the car ride with Liz and Lauren. It was a fun ride, maybe a bit dangerous at times, but that’s what makes it an adventure! I really loved it and yes I’m recommending this to everyone. Its a read you do not want o miss out on. The author keeps the reader interested, give them a moment to read, then the suspense and action starts up again! Very fun read and amazing writing by an amazing author!

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