Love’s Refrain (The Stardust Duet, Book 1) by KG Fletcher – Review by Corine Lombardi

Love's Refrain (The Stardust Duet, #1)Love’s Refrain by K.G. Fletcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love’s Refrain (The Stardust Duet – Book 1)
By: KG Fletcher
Genre: Romance

I have never read a book so fast!
If you love love and time travel this is for you.
A tale of love, time and death, is time enough?
A true story that love conquers all.
What would you do if you were transported back in time.
In 1947 the female lead goes on a journey that will have you wanting to skip to the end, I almost read the last chapters first because I was captive after the first page.
KG Fletcher has a way with words describing the story in a ay that makes you feel as if you are a character right there on the page living scene to scene.
Five stars and I cannot wait until book two. I hope I get time to read this again soon.

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