Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson – Review by Wendy Wary

Murder Among FriendsMurder Among Friends by Linda Burson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whew! This book has you all over the place trying to figure out what happened to Grant’s wife when she mysteriously disappeared one morning. Everyone around her seemed to have a motive to make her disappear, and her own behavior has you trying to guess if she just took off on her own. Cammy, who’s worked as a PI in Boston, but decides to take a break from that to spend the summer with her brother’s family, gets caught up in the mystery as her police officer brother works to solve the case. The way the author unravels the story with twists and turns along the way draws you in and keeps you completely engrossed until the very end. There’s also a bit of romance, which weaves into the story naturally. This book is like an onion with the different layers to it, and the author does a fabulous job of peeling them back little by little to build a story that makes it difficult to put down.

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