Something Lost (Funerals and Weddings Series Book 1) by Bernadette Marie – Review by Karen Marsh

Something LostSomething Lost by Bernadette Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Something Lost by Bernadette Marie was utterly heart-breaking. I have never cried over a book so hard in my life, and this is something that will stick with me probably forever. While I personally dislike the writing style of this book, the message and the emotion poured into it is unlike any other I have ever read.

From the start of Craig and Rachel you know there will be a lot of uncovering for us to do. They drop hints here and there until Marie dumps it all out at once. The happy parts are overwhelmingly happy, like ugly crying in the office happy. But the sad parts leave you… feeling a little lost. Although my writing preference is way different, this is a book I would recommend to everyone. The depiction of trauma is true and shows the beautiful side, like a person’s support net, and the ugly side like the things you mess up or miss out on.


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