Swindler’s Revenge (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 5) by Ellen Butler – Review by Debi Kircher

Swindler's RevengeSwindler’s Revenge by Ellen Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Swindler’s Revenge (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 5) by Ellen Butler

5 +++++ Stars

This series has seriously become one of my favorite series ever! I think this one might be my favorite, I say might because it changes every time I read one! This author already sits up in my favorites and when a new release comes out it’s just automatic no matter the title, the synopsis or the cover, if it has her name..It’s an auto one click!

You could read all of these as standalones. Although I couldn’t imagine not having all of the books read in order to get the full effect. Especially this one, as I believe you would feel like you’re missing something. Also the connection to many of the characters truly needs to be made and understood to fully appreciate this story.

Miss Butler never stops making me smile and many times laugh out loud with Karina’s antics, and I’ve mentioned many times how I’d love to be her friend and partner in solving these mysteries she keeps falling into. I connected to her in the first book and absolutely love her!

The story kept me guessing and there were times I was so far off base I just laughed at myself.

I can not recommend this series and this book high enough and I can not wait to start at the beginning and read them all over again in the future!

Grab them all! You won’t be sorry!

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