Born to Fight (Can’t Resist You Book 1) by Brittany Anne – Review by Amber Poole

Born to Fight (Can't Resist You, #1)Born to Fight by Brittany Anne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg I loved this book. Hunter, the type of man that every woman dreams of. Rain, a strong willed woman who’s more brave than everyone in the whole story. I understand why Rain lied in a good portion of the book. I mean if you escaped something that horrendous and knew that the person was out looking for you always, wouldn’t you lie to protect yourself? The energy between Hunter and Rain as they fight against a common enemy 😍. Although the book was pretty predictable it was charming and an easy read. I cannot want to read more of the Resistance. I hope to learn more background information on some of the leaders and how the UNR even formed. I also hope Sawyer gets to have his happily ever after as well. I hope to learn more about Kayla. She’s definitely an underrated character and I think there is more to her than what this story brushed upon. Brittany you have a fan for life!

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