Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven Book 3) by AJ Renee – Review by Dahnielle Hibbert

Cursed Whispers (Broderick Coven, #3)Cursed Whispers by A.J. Renee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What do you get when you cross a witch and a werewolf? Mystical multicolored sparks that fly off every surface available! Book three in the Broderick Coven is an amazing tale of good verses evil, curses verses blessings. Or blessings amid curses rather!
Emotionalpalooza, this book will have you laugh, cry, cover your mouth so you don’t scream out loud. (A warning … this book contains content that may trigger some people who have dealt with abusive situations) however the author dealt with it in a very classy way. While book two remains my favorite so far in this series I absolutely cannot wait for the fourth installment! AJ Renee is definitely on my list of favored authors!

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