Forever (Diamond Doms #9) by Ivy Nelson-Review by Amanda Kimble

Forever (Diamond Doms #9)Forever by Ivy Nelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

Forever: A Diamond Doms Novel by Ivy Nelson

This is not the first book by Nelson that I’ve read. It’s also not the first Diamond Doms novel I’ve read. The Diamond Doms Series can be read as standalones or in order.

Russell had one job to do and that was to keep Holly and her friend Gemma safe. Then her husband comes up dead and they aren’t sure why. Russell starts to have feelings for Gemma. The quote I chose for Russell is: “I’m sorry, Gemma. I won’t call you that again. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve left someone waiting.”

Gemma is wanting out of the marriage. Then he shows up dead and Russell is the one who told her. She has feelings for Russell, but isn’t exactly sure what his feelings are for her. The quote I chose for Gemma is: “No. Idiot. I’m saying our marriage is not the traditional love story. We aren’t in love, we don’t have sex, and we will never have children. In fact, before our lives blew up, we were on the path to lining things up for a divorce. Enough time had passed that it wouldn’t harm either family.”

Highly recommended for Dark Romance lovers.

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