Love’s Reverie (The Stardust Duet, Book 2) by KG Fletcher – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love's Reverie (The Stardust Duet, #2)Love’s Reverie by K.G. Fletcher
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Love’s Reverie by K.G. Fletcher is the second book in The Stardust Duet and one I have been waiting for. I fell in love with the first book and this one did not disappoint. It is a fantasy romance. This duet is about time travelling and romance which is a little different than what we usually see KG write but it is a wonderful heart felt story. KG’s narrative makes it so easy to get lost in the story and imagine what she sees when she puts her words to the page to make the story come to life. I can actually see this epic tale being made in to a movie or series, that’s how good it is. I enjoyed that the story was woven between two timelines and told in dual POV’s giving it that little bit extra something. This delightful duet should not be missed out on.
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