Sea Mage (The Nightshade Guild, Book 10) by Louisa Bacio – Review by Lorrene Huisman

Sea Mage (The Nightshade Guild, Book 10)Sea Mage by Louisa Bacio
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I was able to jump right into this book as well as the world to which the character resides. I found it to be a fun read and realistic, and an adventure for anyone truly. I loved the details of the surroundings and defiantly enjoyed the character growth! I feel it was a great read, and its something you will for sure enjoy!

Personally a world set with mermaids and mythical creatures how the heck could I not love this book and dive right into it? I found the story and full of development from all ends. Serena reminded me of what my teenage self was. Believing I could do anything really, and I was independent, which I was. I realized though as Serena did in certain occurrences it can be frightening or more unwelcoming and sometimes you may need help more than you realize. And to me that can be one of the hardest things to do for sure! I really admired Serena, she had a important task to protect in truth, but danger and not planned occurrences take place, she had to step forth and be strong willed. She was very realistic which I admired!

Peter was also an interesting character, the one Serena had to call upon. I enjoyed learning of his nature and how hos character certainly impacted and added the story and plot. I found this a fun read, a intriguing adventure of its own, and a good story line. In our hearts no matter what we face, if we are true and truly believe in who we are what we are meant to be, anything is possible! Wonderful felt read!

As I said, really enjoyed this amazing novel by a talented author! I think a lot of people would benefit from such a wonderful story, and the happy little feels you get in your heart as you read it, really add to the wonderful feeling and positive moments as you read though! It was very well written and I enjoyed it truly from the introduction of the characters and plot to the end! It is defiantly a recommended read!

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