Broken Chains by Karina Kantas – Review by Lauren West

Broken ChainsBroken Chains by Karina Kantas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I truly love dark mafia romance, and I always have to prepare myself for how dark It can get. This author is new to me, and I enjoyed the journey she took my imagination on. The suspense, action, drama, intrigue and overall intensity of the story was great. The twists continuously took you into the unknown.

We meet Liz and everything she goes through is unexpected, and it’s quite dark. She goes from her mundane existence to meeting Alex who is an MI5 Agent and from there she begins her spiraling descent into the unthinkable. Her curiosity leads her on some uncharted and dark roads. She endures the unthinkable time and time over, but her strength never wanes. It’s a question of will she break thru or be broken.

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