Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady (Satan’s Devils MC Vegas Chapter #2) by Manda Mellett – Review by Jennifer Reimer

Red's Peril Part 2: The Prez's Old Lady (Satan's Devils MC Vegas #2)Red’s Peril Part 2: The Prez’s Old Lady by Manda Mellett
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So, I usually don’t grab books like these and read them but after reading book one, I honestly could not wait for this one to come out. And once again I was not disappointed. Red finding his love again and it was like nothing changed was incredible. the situations that come up and the way Red handles everything is amazing. There was one part that at first, I was thinking oh this is going to happen this way, but it did really caught me off guard, and I loved it. It kept me wanting to read more and very entertaining. I honestly hope there is more to this story then what there is. The one thing I do have to say is one of the people in there is binary, so they use the term they and them which I had to stop and think for a second because I have never had to use these terms yet. I love how these types of gender and identifications are in this book. It was great to actually learn about the way they are and what they mean. Great book and amazing read. so entertaining, kept me on the edge of me seat wanting more.

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