Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery) by Merissa Racine – Review by Vanessa Watts

Shadows of Doubt (A Crawford Mystery)Shadows of Doubt by Merissa Racine
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If you made it to this book hopefully you read the first one titled, “Silent Gavel” first. The book can be a standalone but it ways make more sense if you read the first one before this. You can get a better feel for the characters and understand why things are happening as they are.
In this second installment we once again follow Lauren Besoner as she tries to rebuild her life after past events left her with too much trauma and needing to seek professional help. This time she is doing freelance work after leaving her last post of official court reporter due to the fact that she could not see working under her ex-husband Tony. She gets called in to report for a deposition of contested mental capacity of the chief of police’s mother regarding the ranch and all her assets. Shortly after she receives a call because the report is no longer needed to to the death of Ms. Archer. The police arrest a suspect quickly but after talking to her friend Dominick Lauren believes that once again the police have the wrong person. Lauren gets called in to be court reporter for her ex-husband in the case as the official reporter is on maternity leave. From the start things are not adding up for Lauren and she decides to do some sleuthing because she believes justice is owed and won’t rest if someone innocent is locked up. Throughout this book things about Lauren’s past are brought to light and she must learn that they do not define her, and she shouldn’t be judged for the actions of others. In this case is Lauren right about the accused? Can she make it through this trial without getting put on another killers hitlist? Put your sleuthing hat back on for this installment to see if you to can figure out who the killer is in time!

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