Still Taking Chances by Roz Lee – Review by ASHLEY LAPE

Still Taking ChancesStill Taking Chances by Roz Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When Elgin Huddleston left Willowbrook fifteen years ago he never had any intention of returning. When one of his DEA missions went wrong Hud has no choice but to go “home.” He should have gone to see his grandmother before she passed away but he could not bear to see the disappointment in her eyes.
Mary Beth Winters needed a fresh new start after her heart was broken. So she packs up her life, locks up her Domme/sub toys, and starts over in Willowbrook right across the street from Hud’s childhood home. When Mary Beth thinks life is finally settling down, bad boy Elgin returns to town. The two get off on the wrong foot but could Mary Beth help Elgin let go of the demons that trouble him? Mary Beth has a hunch that she will need to open that chest that she locked up five years ago when she moved into Willowbrook.
I love how the author took the time to build the relationship between Elgin and Mary Beth. I also love the adult content of this book. This is a must-read if you love streamy page-turners.

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