Twilight’s Curse (Twilight Realm Series Book 1) by K. M. Wray – Review by Karen Marsh

Twilight's CurseTwilight’s Curse by K.M. Wray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story and plot was good! The detail in the emotions and the way the author shows you the weight on Nix and Zoe’s shoulders was really good! I can’t give this 5 stars because of the writing style. I am such a stickler for writing style, but there are so many of them and many people prefer completely different styles than me. The short sentences don’t always get me, but when they are more common in a book it makes it harder to read (I have dyslexia and small punctuation like commas and periods tend to mess with me).

All in all, the plot was amazing and the story came alive around me. I absolutely will be recommending this book to friends!!

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