No Names to Be Given by Julia Brewer Daily – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

No Names to Be GivenNo Names to Be Given by Julia Brewer Daily
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No Names to be Given is probably the best book I have read all year. It really stuck with me, and I didn’t want to put it down. While it is not advertised as being a true story, it totally could be. This book follows 3 women throughout teen and adulthood, and focuses around the tragic event that ties them together. Three unwed girls in the 1960s, shamed into a maternity home by their parents, and forced to give their children up for adoption. They did not even get to see their child, not knowing if they had a daughter or a son. All 3 had different back stories, again very realistic. This book was especially captivating after the recent events surrounding abortion and women’s rights. I loved that all three women turned out to have wonderful lives, although very different. I did not expect all the events surrounding their adulthood and children, but it was perfect. I love how it all tied together in the end. Highly highly recommend this to all!

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