Thief of Magic (Shadowed Minds Book 1) by Bree Moore – Review by Emily Beehler

Thief of Magic (Shadowed Minds, #1)Thief of Magic by Bree Moore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this book! It is a fast-paced read that keeps you turning the page. In the book the main protagonists are Lee and Adam or “Finn”. Lee is one of the people on earth that got magical abilities after a magical solar flare affected both earth and the population. Lee’s specific ability causes her to become weak and sick the longer she uses them. The adverse effects are compared to a cancer that is slowly killing her. Her actual magic ability consists of ‘surfing’ magical lay lines causing her to travel somewhere in an instant. She can also go into a different world or energy field on earth that can make her disappear from sight. Adam is a detective trying to figure a way to reverse magic in people to bring more stability back to earth. To do this he needs a specific type of magic, a person who is a Limnel which is exactly what Lee is. Adam goes undercover within a thief crew that Lee is in, to capture her. I quite enjoyed that dynamic between Adam and Lee, and the growth between the two. Along the way are many twists and turns that many readers will enjoy! I highly recommend this read.

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