Apocalypse Thoughts: A Story for the Possible End Times (The Pox Series) by Kendra Griffin – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Apocalypse Thoughts: A Story for the Possible End Times (The Pox Series)Apocalypse Thoughts: A Story for the Possible End Times by Kendra Griffin
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Kella O’Malley is seventeen and along with a couple of others, is trailing across the Appalachian Trail, not because it is spring break and she fancies a hike from Georgia towards the north, it is because she is being chased by cannibals. While she was visiting family, she inadvertently ends up surviving an apocalypse, one which has created a mutation which turns humans into shrieking “Hyena’s” and Kella is carrying the only copy of some data from the CDC which could help them all to survive.

As they try to outrun the Hyena’s and trying to fend off blisters, hunger and exhaustion, as well as caffeine withdrawal and a lack of condiments, they face other challenges but Kella is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up by looking after them the only way she knows how and all the while, she is finding her own way to cope by reading the trail logbooks she finds along the way, but as well as reading them, she also writes her thoughts in them, her apocalypse thoughts.

There is more danger than nature while they hike, however, they also come across others and join up with them and make a larger group made up of teens and twenty somethings who are going in the same direction, even if not with the same goals, however, the idea of safety in numbers is not always true. As the trail continues and danger lurks around every corner, Kella decides to set some goals, to keep her family alive, survive long enough to complete their mission and maybe fall in love, but what if that is just as terrifying as murder hornets, the apocalypse, or even Hyena’s? Maybe not Hyena’s but it could still be scary, but so is the YA novel, it keeps you on your toes throughout as you try and work out what will happen next, it is unpredictable, funny and horrifying all at the same time, but it will hook you in and you will not want to put it down.

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