Imperfectly Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 2) by Anise Storm – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Imperfectly Yours (Titans of Manhattan #2)Imperfectly Yours by Anise Storm
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This is the second book in the author’s Titans of Manhattan series, and is a love story between Anton and Elsa. Anton is a Hollywood actor in love with Elsa who is a realtor in New York City. The book takes us through the first year of their marriage and all the difficulties that they endure. Be warned there could be some triggering topics within the story such as addiction, loss, and depression. Tragedy continues to strike the couple and between that and Anton always being away, strain is left on the marriage. Elsa ends up not dealing with the life struggles she has and turns to drugs instead of her husband. However, Anton sticks by his wife whose life became very difficult to live and never gave up on her; he knew all about that difficult life, too, his childhood was full of tragedy. They always said the first year of marriage was the toughest, this couple shows us just that, but also shows how when love is present, there are ways through the pain.

One of the things I love to find in any book I read is the life lessons that can be learned. Through all of the struggles, this couple shows us so many of these life lessons. I loved that the author made Elsa feel real, when I read what she was going through, I could imagine exactly how that feels. However, Elsa consistently made me upset because of the assumptions she projected about her husband. She was always so quick to push him away and assume the worst, instead of taking a moment to listen. Anton showed us that men have feelings, care, and are more than what assumptions have produced. He also showed us that when you love so deeply, you will find a way to support, stick by their side, and find a way to get through it because the love and the people involved are worth it.

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