Swipe Right to Bite: A Frightfully Funny Paranormal Romantic Comedy (New Orleans Nocturnes Book 6) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Swipe Right to Bite (New Orleans Nocturnes, #6)Swipe Right to Bite by Carrie Pulkinen
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Katrina lives in New Orleans and is the creator of Swipe Right To Bite, it is a dating app for the supernatural beings in the city and because she is a succubus, she knows all about sex and the enjoyment it can bring, even though she is fasting so that she can escape from Satan and win her freedom. Gabe is an incubus and has just moved to New Orleans for a fresh start and to see whether his work will be as well received within the supernatural community as it is in the human communities he has worked with before.

Katrina’s app is the most popular one of its kind, in fact it is the only one of its kind, however when she finds out about the new demon in town and how he is about to ruin her life, she is not impressed in the slightest and decides that she will pay this demon a visit and concocts a plan to do just that, however, it all backfires when he decides to try and turn the tables by gate-crashing an event of hers in return. This doesn’t just annoy Katrina, it starts to cause some problems for everyone else around her, especially when her demon shines through and complicates matters.

Katrina cannot abide this other sex demon and is determined to run him out of town, despite the fact that he is the one person she could break her fast with and not destroy in the process, but she tries to ignore that and plan his demise. Meanwhile, Gabe is determined to show Katrina what she is missing and makes up his mind how to do it, but will he be able to prove that sex demons can experience more than just sex, or will the heat they create in New Orleans scorch them both instead? This is a rip roaring paranormal romance with comedy and romance in spades, as well as a whole heap of trouble which will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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