A Spider in the Garden by Courtney Davis – Review By Shelly Kittell

A Spider in the GardenA Spider in the Garden by Courtney Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a definite treat for a fantasy reader like me. It was the first I read with a spider shifter. Aranha is a spider who thinks she is on the verge of extinction. She meets up with Dag, a daywalker who feels the same. Neither really trusts the other. They both end up on a mission that brings surprises. The book is full of action. I even finished it with my fear of spiders. The description of her fangs coming down, shifting into a spider or her little buddies coming out creeped me out. It made the book even better. I loved seeing the bit of romance develop between Dag and Aranha because walls had to fall. Twists and turns throughout the plot made it kind of like a wild slide. The characters were cool in a butt kicking way. I definitely recommend this.

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