I Dream of Cassie: A Student-Teacher Age-Gap Romance by Diana Vale – Review by Jennifer Gordon

I Dream of Cassie: A Student-Teacher Age-Gap RomanceI Dream of Cassie: A Student-Teacher Age-Gap Romance by Diana Vale
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this student, teacher romance, which is actually a companion story to book one in the Kirk University series. That book was told from the student, Cassie’s perspective and this one is told from Diego’s, the teacher’s. This fairly short but engaging read let’s us into Diego’s mind, and what he was thinking when he met Cassie. Sensible, level headed, respected Professor Diego Valentine had worked hard to become a professor in his field at a young age. He had also been with his wife for over a decade, but then his life became complicated. His marriage fell apart and his ex wife, Linda demanded part of his financial assets, then his brother Matty started setting him up with random women.

Diego then found himself strangely drawn to the beautiful and spirited young women, Cassandra, that he saw for one on one tutorials. He likes that she is not afraid to go after what she wants, but he’s adamant that he can’t be falling for her, as that would be inappropriate. After all, she’s his student and half his age, and yet Diego, for once can’t seem to do the sensible thing, and Cassie is also not giving up on him that easily. I liked the main characters, Diego and Cassie from the previous two books that they feature in, and their chemistry once again, came across in the narrative and led to some steamy scenes. It was interesting to see their romance from Diego’s point of view rather that Cassie’s. I was pleased that their love story had a HEA.

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