Shock of Fate Anchoress Series Book One: A Young Adult Fantasy Adventure by D. L. Armillei – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Shock of Fate (Anchoress #1)Shock of Fate by D.L. Armillei
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Vanessa Cross is a fifteen year old with her whole future ahead of her, she has just completed the latest year of her schooling and is looking forward to summer, spending time with her friends and lounging about on the beach and maybe a couple of shopping trips, that is until the evening bonfire where she finds herself in trouble with a few other teens for attending the bonfire. Normally Vanessa is given a slap on the wrist, but this time, nothing happens and she walks home with her best friend, however, when she gets there, things are not as peaceful as they should be for the time of night and she is just sent to her room without the usual dramatics, that is until her best friend sneaks in to stay the night.

The next day, Vanessa has a visitor and after a brief conversation, she is asked to pack a bag and be ready to leave as she has been chosen for a summer project and that she has to be ready to travel later that evening, because her best friend was still there, she heard everything and she is determined to go with Vanessa no matter how against the rules it is. They decide to go for a last minute pamper session where the conversation they have is unusual to say the least, but it gives them a bit of insight into where Vanessa is going and how to sneak her best friend through as well. They think they have the perfect plan, but when they learn about the consequences of them breaking the rules and sneaking to this new place together, they are in way more trouble than they expected.

That evening, Vanessa finds out more about the project she will be a part of, she will be part of a team being sent out to find a relic, it is going to be tough, but while the teammates prepare for the journey, they are discussing current events that she had no idea about, including how her father is embroiled in them. As she listens to the gossip about her father turning traitor and the effects that this has been having on the world she knew nothing about, she decides that she needs to keep her relationship with her father quiet and so requests that her best friend does the same. It is at that moment that she decides that as well as searching for this relic, she will also search for a way to prover her fathers innocence and find him at the same time, but unbeknownst to Vanessa, this project will be a task with challenges Vanessa must overcome.

Will Vanessa be able to overcome the challenges and get the information she needs to prove her fathers innocence, or will she crack under the pressure? This is a fantasy adventure which is full of danger, magic, secrets and revelations, as friendships are tested to breaking point on this coming of age style journey in which Vanessa will be tested to see whether her heart and soul are up to the challenge of the destiny she neither wants or expects.

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