Finding Melodie and The Wedding Special Boxset by Laura Rossi – Review by Beverly Finnie

Melodie Boxset (Melodie #1-2)Melodie Boxset by Laura Rossi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Melodie was a sweet & sad story. Melodie helped Issac propose to his girlfriend. Who actually turned him down. This story was about Melody deciding she was going to help Issac get her back.
But at what cost to her? She’s falling for someone she can’t have. Repeating the same cycle in her life. The question is what does Issac want?
The Wedding reminded me so much of the movie Monster In Law, which I do love! It’s time to meet the parents and get to know them better! Or so Melodie thought. Instead she got an overprotective future mother in law to boot.
Cynthia, Issac’s mom, took one look at Melodie and was like “nope not my son.” She made it her mission to prove to Melodie that her relationship was wrong. That she didn’t belong.
It’s the way she went about it, as well as finding out she had a mother in law that detested her, at which I come to the movie comparison.
It’s a cute romantic boxset with some entertainment to boot. Definitely worth the read!


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