Spring’s Showers: Romantically Seasonal: Spring by CA King-Review by Amanda Kimble

Spring's Showers: Romantically Seasonal: SpringSpring’s Showers: Romantically Seasonal: Spring by C.A. King
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5/5 Stars

Spring’s Showers: Romantically Seasonal: Spring by C.A. King

Another amazing read by the author. This is the first book in the Romantically Seasonal series. What can happen when Cupid gets against the other Gods?

Greta is Mother Nature and can make plants grow. When she plays poker with Gods and Cupid anything can happen. Now she’s got the task of finding a couple like Cupid does. Is it as easy as she thinks? The quote I chose for Greta is: “There are still a few good people in this world, aren’t there? Can’t a stranger help his fellow man out of the kindness of his heart anymore? Tsk. If it were Christmas time, no one would think twice about the matter. Why is December the only time humans can share goodwill? It makes no sense.”

Eros is Cupid and doesn’t get the credit he deserves. When he thinks about it he’s got the hardest job of them all. Now he’s going to bet them all that their jobs are easier. The quote I chose for Eros is: “I’ll guess I’ll see you when the time is right. Until then, I’m out. Greta, it’s been an adventure.”

Highly recommended for Paranormal Romantic Comedy lovers.

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