The Hunted (Vampire Navy SEAL: Sam & Layla) by S.B. Alexander – Review by Jaimie Salmon-Colburn

The Hunted (Vampire Navy SEAL: Sam & Layla, #1)The Hunted by S.B. Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could NOT put this book down!! I read it so quickly and I can’t wait for more, so I can devour them as well!! In this spin-off series, the Vampire vs human world is hard to navigate. Layla is a Vampire hunter. It is what her family has been doing for generations. She knows what to do. She’s been warned all her life that vampires will seduce you with their charms to get you close and then your theirs! This last job was supposed to be easy. In and out. Snatch and grab. Collect the money and then her and her sisters would be free. But Layla and her sisters are hypnotized by this powerful Navy SEAL vampire, Sam. Layla knows that she should run far away, but he puts her on edge and it’s frustratingly confusing. It’s like she is drunk when around him. Her sister’s lives are in danger and of course she needs his help to save them! Ugh. Just her luck! It’s hard to trust an enemy, especially one that can kill you in a second! But can she put her hunter instincts away long enough to save her sisters? Or will she tick off this powerful vamp and end up dinner! With a bloodsucker as a wing man anything can happen. Read this slow burn suspense with snarky banter and action to find out more!! You will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next book to arrive, just like me!!

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