The Traveler: Book 2 by Deborah Dugan – Review By- Stephanie Driskill

The Traveler: Book 2The Traveler: Book 2 by Deborah Dugan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Harry, who was once Little Brother and a few other names as well, has had his fair share of heartache and joy, friendship and betrayal, life and death. He has lived for eons whether through sleep or by being present and awake from stasis. The tales that the Traveler must tell are of joy, friendship, betrayal, hate, and love. I loved reading about the beginnings of man through the eyes of an eyewitness and following his journey to today. The book is filled with adventure and excitement and is such a great read! The Traveler will not disappoint those who crave a good story that is written throughout the ages and has a bit of new age energy thrown in. The characters are “real” and often quirky but easily relatable especially Harry. I now need to read the first book in the series and cannot wait for the Next adventure that Harry proceeds on. Pick up this book and read it!!

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