Flame and Crystal Thorns (Fae and Crystal Thorns Book 1) by Kay L. Moody – Review by Vanessa Watts

Flame and Crystal Thorns (Fae and Crystal Thorns, #1)Flame and Crystal Thorns by Kay L. Moody
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love all books about fae and magic, intrigue and mystery. You know it’s a good book when you start pulling on a thread and it unravels into something you didn’t expect or a place you didn’t think you’d wind up. This book has all the components that make a page turner of a book. From an unexpected heroine, a handsome fae, mortals rebelling against magic, to the breadth of new magic.

I absolutely love Chloe as the main heroine of the story. A mere mortal with a half brother that is a fae who has chosen to live in the mortal realm where she feels she belongs. In fact she has finally found her place as an apothecary in her mortal town, healing the residents with poultices mixed together from fae recipes. Her picture perfect life is unexpectedly interrupted by the one fae Chloe never wanted to see again Quintus. It hurts for a fae to need to come beg for help from a mortal especially with one that has so much history with him. But with the mortals having developed iron weapons and holding an entire fae castle hostage which also happens to be where Chloe’s sister is with her husband. Quintus has no choice but to go to Chloe after all it’ll take a mortal with extreme love on the line to combat the revengeful crowd that has descended onto the fairy castle. Can Chloe, a mere mortal not only save her sister and the fae but can she do it while guarding her heart against the one person that has the power to decimate it?

If you like fantasy novels mixed with action and romance in the form of enemies to lovers then this book is perfect for you. Or if you are looking for an engaging new read this is an excellent choice that may get you hooked on a new genre.

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