Mafia Elite Series BoxSet: Volume One (Mafia Elite Series Books #1 – 3) by Amy McKinley – Review by Angela Hayes

Mafia Elite Series Box Set: Volume One Kindle EditionMafia Elite Series Box Set: Volume One Kindle Edition by Amy McKinley
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5 Stars


This fantastic boxset contains the first three books in the Mafia Elite series by Amy McKinley. Ms. McKinley is one of my favourite authors, and this series is a testament to her talents. This boxset is a wonderful introduction to the Mafia Elite series- with three books in one, hello- #winning.
But trust me when I say that you are bound to develop an addiction to her books and go searching for more. So, you will be happy to know that there are not only more books in this series, but also an extensive back-catalogue of the authors other books too- which are also excellent reading in their own rights.
This Boxset contains No Way Out (Book #1), Blood Oath (Book #2), and Born In Darkness (Book #3). Below are my individual reviews for these books to give you a little taste of what to expect…..


NO WAY OUT (Mafia Elite Book #1):
5 Stars
ALL THE FREAKING STARS!!!! OMG!!! Amy McKinley has outdone herself, AGAIN!!!!
No Way Out is the incredible first instalment in the Mafia Elite series by the supremely talented Amy McKinley. I know I keep saying this with every new release of hers, but this is definitely a new favourite for me.
It is a fantastic mafia romance/romantic suspense, with plenty of action, violence, danger, drama, mafia politics, intrigue, tension, chemistry, sizzle, secrets, revenge, and emotion.
I fell for Max and Liliana right from the beginning- they were such great characters- quite complex, fully developed individuals with depth and their own unique quirks and flaws.
I really don’t want to give too much away and spoil the story for you… But will leave you with this little tidbit. Max has an agenda that has taken a lot of time and planning to finetune before he can now, finally, let it all unfold. He has been tasked with protecting his mentor’s granddaughter, on top of his own plans to exact a little revenge and right past wrongs. He never expected that he would be so drawn to the young woman he was sent to protect. Having more in common with her than he first thought. But she is no defenceless flower, as he soon discovers- she’s one kick-butt mafia princess. But with secrets, agendas, politics, and sinister intentions- it’s not long before they are neck deep in a dangerous situation. It definitely made for an intense, suspenseful, edge of my seat read!!! Another gem to add to Ms. McKinley’s crown!


BLOOD OATH (Mafia Elite Book #2):
5 Stars

Second book into this amazing series and Ms. McKinley has hit it out of the park again!!! Blood Oath is the second fantastic book in the Mafia Elite series by Amy McKinley. As with the first book, this is a brilliant mafia romance- a romantic suspense story with an action-packed plot, secrets, dramatic developments, mafia politics, intrigue, tension, chemistry, steamy encounters, emotion, and more…
This book continues what we started in book one, but this is Sofia and Enzo’s story (whom we met in book one as supporting characters). I loved all the interconnected details and intriguing threads that Ms. McKinley is weaving through her stories, and series. It makes for riveting reading. I have a new addiction and I can’t wait for my next fix!!!


BORN IN DARKNESS (Mafia Elite Book #3):
5 Stars

So, after finishing this and having read most, if not all of Ms. McKinley’s books now, I have come to the conclusion that she could write the phone book and make it addictive reading! Seriously!!! If you have yet to pick up one of her many books, what are you waiting for? You will kick yourself for missing out this long.
Born in Darkness is another gem in Ms. McKinley’s crown- a stellar mafia romance, it is the third book in the Mafia Elite series by Amy McKinley. A masterfully woven romantic suspense story with action, violence, mafia politics, second chances, family dynamics, friendship, chemistry, sizzle, secrets, drama, intrigue, tension, and edge of your seat developments.
This book is Stefano and Emiliana’s story, I was so excited to dive in- and now I can honestly say Ms. McKinley doesn’t rest on her laurels here, she ups the ante yet again, grabbing me right from the get-go and had me flipping the pages to find out what happens, all while proving once again that this series just gets better and better with each new release.
If you haven’t read the previous two books, I highly recommend that you do, as not only are they fantastic stories in their own rights, they also contain important information that will help you better appreciate this story, as well as building a bigger picture.
I love this series and the wonderfully complex characters that take centre stage here. I have a serious addiction to Ms. McKinley’s stories and need my next fix STAT!

Take my word for it- if you love mafia romance, romantic suspense, wonderfully developed characters, depth, and addictive reading- then you definitely won’t want to miss this exciting BoxSet, or series!!!
Happy reading!

Thank you, Amy McKinley!


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