The Fighter (An Underground Bad Boys Romance Book 3) by India Kells

The Fighter (An Underground Bad Boys Romance, #3)The Fighter by India Kells
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Juliet and Ten are in a bind and when Ten decides to take a chance at underground fighting their paths cross with Gage. One split decision from Gage turns their lives upside down. Soon the three have the wrong men interested in them. Can Gage find a way to help Juliet and Ten or will the bad guys get to them first?

While I found the storyline of this book an interesting one, I did not fall for the characters. Their story pulls you in at the start, but I quickly found the character development lacking for me. The characters are continually confused which I understand is a major part of the storyline, but it soon becomes annoying. The story keeps changing the direction of the romance and I did not like the build up of the story being a threesome and also highlighting the chemistry between the two men only to go in a completely different direction. In the end I was confused at the direction the romance went after the big buildup and attention paid earlier in the book to the connections between certain characters. The plot moves along at a good pace but ends abruptly and surprisingly for me.

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