Blood & Vengeance (The Casket Girls Book 2) by A.D. Brazeau

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Blood & Vengeance (The Casket Girls Book 2) by A.D. Brazeau
Genre – Vampire, Paranormal, Romance
Page Count – 248
Cover Designer – RJ Creatives

After being freed from her casket girl nightmare, Desiree is ready to take on the remaining nest of vampires still feeding on the citizens of New Orleans. She and Theron, lonely with his love in the Underworld, partner together to root out, and slay, the last of the bloodsuckers.

Jaxon, a vampire ready for a new life, joins Theron and Desiree as they finish off their enemies. His only request – for Theron to teach him how to survive without killing. As Jaxon falls for Desiree, he must also fight off his past, a formidable witch called the Mistress who wants Jaxon back at all costs. What price is Jaxon willing to pay to save his new friends and protect the woman who has changed him, body, and soul?

Blood & Vengeance, a dark, paranormal romance, takes place in 1728 New Orleans. This is book two of The Casket Girls Series.


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A.D. Brazeau is an award-winning author who writes what she loves. From dark and fantastical paranormal romance and young adult to quirky contemporary romance, and everything in between, she loves nothing more than to immerse herself in new worlds. A.D. Brazeau is a book-obsessed wife, mother, and dog lover, who grew up surrounded by stories. Not much has changed. A.D. is from Colorado Springs, Co.

Author Interview with A.D. Brazeau



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