Burned by Fire (Firehouse 13 Book 4) by Danielle Jacks

Burned by Fire (Firehouse 13 Book 4) by Danielle Jacks
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 129
Cover Designer – Chelsea McDonald at Diamond Dozen Publishing

When my world is burning, I need to find a way out.


I’ve been forced to retire from the firehouse after an injury affecting the sensation in my arm, and now I’m lost. With no job and an ugly scar, I turn to the bottle to numb the pain of my new existence.

If I continue living in regret, I’m going to lose my home, my friends, and myself. Can the beautiful young firewoman that means more to me than I let on help me find a future without the service, or am I destined to live in the shadows of my former life?


I’m a newly qualified firefighter, but it’s just not the same without my mentor and long-time crush, Sol.

If I continue moving forward with my career, I risk us drifting apart. Can Sol, who’s eleven years my senior, finally become more than a friend, or will my job drive a wedge between us.


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Danielle lives in Yorkshire, England, with her husband, daughter, and tortoise. She enjoys reading, watching the rain, and listening to old music. Her dreams include writing stories, visiting magical places, and staying young at heart. The people who know her describe her as someone who has her head in the clouds and her mind in a book.

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