Distant Memories (Nurse Morgan Series Book 2) by Kate MacInnis – Review by Sara Grantham

Distant Memories: A Nurse Morgan Series: Book TwoDistant Memories: A Nurse Morgan Series: Book Two by Kate MacInnis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was written in such a way that you can read it as a standalone! The details and explanations are so perfectly wound into this new story that anyone can pick it up and enjoy the adventure within. For me, it was such a joy to be back with these familiar friends – Gloria, Caleb, Savvy, Elisabeth, Jonathan, and (of course) Morgan. I highly enjoyed the new twists in the story and how Morgan’s abilities are ever-evolving. I did not enjoy one aspect of this book, though – when it ended! I felt like I had breezed through the entire thing, was just getting really into the story, and then BAM! It was over! I need more!! I love a book that leaves me yearning for the next one. I hope there is another installment soon because I need to continue on this journey with Morgan.

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