The Vardoger Boy (The Forerunner Saga Book 2) by Jay Veloso Batista – Review by Ashleyann Sanabria

The Vardoger Boy (Forerunner Series)The Vardoger Boy by Jay Veloso Batista
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Holy Viking adventure! This book really immerses you in the time period by delving into the surroundings and the way people lived. It was hard to connect to the characters, but I think that is because I did not realize this was a second in series when I picked up, so it was pretty clear that I am missing some background. None the less, the adventure was still easy enough to follow and there was plenty going on in the story to keep you interested. While not my typical read (very much a historical fantasy), I enjoyed the book and will be picking up the first one to see what I missed. Perhaps I will even continue with the series! If you are a fan of Vikings, historical reads, and adventure, definitely give this book a shot!

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