Victoriously Yours (Titans of Manhattan Book 4) by Anise Storm – Review by Beverly Finnie

Victoriously Yours (Titans Of Manhattan #4)Victoriously Yours by Anise Storm
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Titans of Manhattan are back! This time we are digging deeper into Jonas’s story and life in Victoriously Yours. Book 4 is not my favorite but I still love this series! The author introduces us to the world for cruelty amongst teenagers and how sometimes it can go too far.
Kenzie and Jonas went to high school together and she thought they were everything. Until she found out she was just a “bet” that he fed her the sweet nothings she needed to hear to give over to him everything he wanted. Scarred by that experience making her who she is today, Kenzie is determined to win the opportunity to run her own restaurant. Unfortunately the man who destroyed her life 10 years ago will be her biggest obstacle in succeeding with the task. She implores him into a game of cat and mouse, which just amps up his desires for her.
Jonas has lived with guilt the last 10 years he suppresses. Who would’ve thought that his guilt would be front and center vying for a job at his hotel.
The author’s depiction of the tension between these 2 characters as they dance around each other comes across beautifully. I don’t necessarily agree with everything the characters did but “Hey” that’s part of the journey.
I can only hope for more books about the Titans in the future.


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