A Quirk of Destiny (Quirk of Destiny Book 1) by Catherine Greenall

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A Quirk of Destiny (A Quirk of Destiny Book 1) by Catherine Greenall
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Genre – Dystopian, Sci-Fi
Page Count – 366
Cover Designer – George Stephenson

The Best of the Year 2013. Best books, another definite must-read thriller. Michael Smith, Green (Living) Review

A global conspiracy to control the world by big corporations and evil government infiltrators masterly presented. You will love this conspiracy, presents enough of today’s food service doubts to keep you reading. I’m hooked, will certainly keep a close eye on “what if” this really was to happen, makes this book so much fun to read. Burntroot Broadcasting, Canada

What happens when too much power is held by too few people, where science is used against rather than for the good of mankind. A government scientist is puzzled by a number of incidents involving fellow scientists finds himself caught up in a deadly worldwide epidemic. Dark forces try to manipulate science to control the worlds’ population, as climate change will eventually make it impossible to feed everyone. An anti-GMO novel examines the impacts of new technology on the world with possible environmental and animal right consequences. My Green Directory

Corrupt systems. An evil plot. Can a scientist save humanity from certain death?

Calum still hasn’t recovered from his fiancé’s suicide. So, the principled government scientist throws himself into his work, despite his friends’ efforts to pair him off. When he raises concerns that food not adequately tested has already been approved, he is shocked at attempts to silence him.

As a deadly sickness sweeps the world, the natural leader feels responsible for keeping the survivors safe, especially attractive scientist Jessie. But he finds himself in mortal danger as he unearths a terrible conspiracy and mutants with paranormal powers attack survivors. 

Can Calum save humanity from annihilation by an ancient evil force?

Based on real science, A Quirk of Destiny imagines our future if we continue headlong on the current path of toxic food and environmental destruction, combined with political and corporate corruption.

If you like zombie apocalypse, global conspiracy and intelligently written fiction then you’ll love Catherine Greenall’s shocking book.


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Catherine Greenall is an environmentalist committed to using her writing to make a difference to the way people treat others, animals and the environment.

She gained a Master of Philosophy degree in Chemistry and turned to writing after a long career as a government scientist. A voracious reader, she always loved to write stories as a child and feels blessed to be able to spend more time writing now.

She is the author of an apocalyptic, visionary, science fiction trilogy. The first book ‘A Quirk of Destiny’ was awarded joint best book of 2013 by Green Living. The second book in the trilogy is ‘Return to Gallanvaig’ and the shocking final book is ‘Destiny of Light.’ The trilogy is based on actual science and imagines a world where toxic food has caused a deadly disease, where there are corrupt power systems and mutants with strange powers caused by the sickness. This trilogy was written as a warning about the potential dangers in our food and how this situation has been allowed to flourish.

Catherine’s work also includes ghost, horror and vegan cookery, as well as scientific works. She is a long-term vegan and her published works include a vegan cookbook, “Vegans Can’t Eat Anything!” and collections of short stories

Author Interview with Catherine Greenall



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