Key to His Heart by Kristina Beck


Key to His Heart by Kristina Beck
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Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 350
Cover Designer – Jody Kaye


My best friend is my head. It keeps all my secrets.

Everything I’ve seen and heard in my loveless past makes sense now, and it’s led me to TJ. The faceless man I conjured in my mind. The missing puzzle piece.

I wasn’t prepared for sparks to fly, filling my life with endless love, comfort, and safety. TJ, Toby, and I are inseparable, like a genuine family. The old me is long gone. Or so I thought.

Right after I confess my love to TJ, I tumble into the black hole of hell. My perfect façade begins to crumble, and I can’t mask it anymore. Once TJ sees between the cracks, he’ll leave Toby and me, just like everyone else has. I’m a survivor, but losing him will destroy me.


When I love, I love big, and it’s my worst downfall.

After I burst through a stranger’s door, Katrina and her newborn son, Toby, are pushed into my world. My hopeful soul whispers to me that we’re meant to be together. Can I trust it, though?

On the best night of my life, the beautiful woman I gave my heart to isn’t the same one who’s kicking me out of her house right now.

My family says it’s just a phase, and I’m trying to be patient. But her unpredictable mixed signals weigh heavily on my chest. Will my heart be shattered into a million pieces again?

Katrina owns the key to my heart, and she’s the only one who can unlock it.

***This book was inspired by real-life events, but takes place in a fictional world. It features a lovable ex-NFL player turned chemistry teacher, and a single mom who’s never felt loved. It’s an intense single parent, emotionally explosive story, filled with swoony times and sweet baby moments. HEA guaranteed. Sensitive topics are addressed that may be triggering for some readers.


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Kristina Beck was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, and lived there for thirty years. She later moved to Germany where she lives with her German husband and three children. She is an avid reader of many genres, but romance always takes precedence. She loves coffee, dark chocolate, power naps, flowers, and eighties movies. Her hobbies include writing, reading, fitness, and forever trying to improve her German-language skills.

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