Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass: a Mermaid Science Story by Lois Wickstrom – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur..

The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass (Mermaid Science, #3)The Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass by Lois Wickstrom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maia and Fig are back at the lakeside and this time they are building a tower out of stones when Trezzie the Mermaid comes up to see them with a rock, this rock is too small for the tower that they are building, but when they look closer they can see a pattern in it, so Fig asks Maia what it is, but she can’t tell because it is too small to really see it. When Maia asks for a magnifying glass Fig knows how to make one, so between the tree of them, can Fig, Maia and Trezzie find what they need to make a magnifying glass and what will they find when they do?

This is a charming story which talks about science in a way which is easy and engaging for children, where they can learn useful scientific facts while still being in a land of fantasy.

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